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Full List Of Galaxy S7 & S7 Plus Accessories Leaked! Battery Case On The Way?!?

S7 Accessory List

The Galaxy S7 and S7 Plus event is just around the corner and if this new leak is to be believed, Samsung’s new devices will have a slew of accessories to accompany it.  The list you see above was leaked by German site WinFuture and provides a pretty detailed list of accessories that will be available for the S7 and S7 Plus.

In addition to the usual flip covers and basic cases, there are a couple of very interesting options listed.  First off, there will be a keyboard case available for both devices.  This style of case was also available on the S6 family and adds a full on physical QWERTY keyboard to your normally all touch screen device.  The more intriguing case listed is a  new”Samsung Backpack Case with 2700 mAh auxiliary battery.”  While can’t say this definitively, this sounds like it’s going to be a battery case.  Battery cases are some of the most practical accessories out there, giving your phone a boost to get you through to the end of the day.  Apple officially launched their own OEM battery case this past year and I guess Samsung has decided to follow suit!

The 2700 mAh battery likely won’t charge your S7 or S7 Plus back to full but it should definitely help ensure you get to the end of the day with a working phone.


  • Brad Fortin

    But the rumoured battery size of the S7 is 3000 mAh. Are they really going to release a case that can’t completely recharge the device?

    • Tim

      I could see that being the case. They probably don’t want to make the case too bulky and I think the purpose is mainly to help supplement the internal battery.