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Four Different Galaxy S7s In The Work According To @evleaks

The Galaxy S7 rumours are coming pretty fast and furious as of late and we’ve got another one to throw your way.  Everyone’s favourite not so retired leakster, Evan Blass,  posted a Tweet earlier today suggesting that we will have not one, not two, not there, but four new Galaxy S7’s models!  The models include the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7 Plus, and Galaxy S7 Edge Plus.

Based on previous rumours, the smaller S7 and S7 Edge will sport a screen size similar to the S6 (probably around 5.1″-5.2″) while the Plus devices will sport a massive 6″ display as to not eat into the Galaxy Note market too much.  Other early rumours had suggested that Samsung would be ditching the non Edge devices altogether but it makes sense for them to keep both models around, at least for the time being.  Curved screens are seen as more of a novelty than a necessity so Samsung could potentially capture more consumers by keeping the “traditional” screen in play at a lower price point.

Again, all this is rumour but @evleaks has a pretty solid track record so this definitely deserves some weight.