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Finally…Galaxy Nexus Receiving Jelly Bean

Good news to all you Galaxy Nexus users.  Reports are coming in around the web that the Canadian Galaxy Nexus is finally receiving it’s Jelly Bean update.  I know this has been a long and maybe even infuriating process but the wait is definitely worth it.

Jelly Bean really brings the Galaxy Nexus to a whole new level.  I was comparing my dad’s Nexus (who is/was suck on ICS) to mine and the difference is incredible.  While it looks similar on the surface, the speed, the fluidity, the little things here and there make a world of difference.  If you need a reminder of what Jelly Bean is all about check out Ryan’s post with his initial thoughts.

I’d also point you to Google’s on summary of Jelly Bean and it’s new features.

If you don’t have a message waiting for you go to your settings and see manually check if there’s an update.  Hopefully this all pans out and we can put this all behind us.


  • I’d just like to point out….CALLED IT! 🙂

    Kinda figured that OTA that wrecked NFC the other day was a JB warmup act.

  • Mario

    No update on Fido… Yet

    • Actually, I got the update for Fido Galaxy Nexus twice recently. I think that your phone will let you know when the update is ready. The performance is improved alot better than before and I think that you will love the new update.

  • rickwess

    Too late. Already flashed (no root required) to 4.1.1 yakju from Google’s Developers site.

  • Rofter

    Jelly Bean OTA update on Bell today. Phone is working fine. Didn’t expect it this soon but sometimes good things happen.

  • Rofter

    Forgot to say my phone is a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anybody have any idea why the Canadian GNex took this long to get JB? I’m still rocking a Nexus S, which got JB what seems like forever ago. I bought a GNex when it first came out but returned it a few days later because I was hugely disappointed in a few key areas (battery life and screen, primarily) and have been wondering if an update would cure its ills.

    Interestingly, one of those key areas where my Nexus S used to shine, battery life, has been slashed in half since the JB update. How are the GNex’s doing with JB onboard?

    • ryanmmoore

      still trying to get an answer from them on that… i have a feeling they were ditching me until they pushed this updateout… betcha i’ll hear back from them and they’ll say something like ‘well you have it now’

  • yukiko

    ’m in Calgary on fido and I just got the update but I force updated it except I did it a little differently.

    I did what previous posts were saying, forwarding it to a different date and clearing framework and everything but then I did something different here are the steps.

    1. Forwarded date to December 31st 2012

    2. Went to settings, apps, all apps, scrolled down to Google services framework, cleared data then force stopped it.

    3. Went to home then to the dailer and then put in *#*#2432546#*#*

    4. This should disappear and then a notification will pop up in the notification bar saying “checkin succeeded”

    5. Hit home then go to settings and scroll down to about phone and hit system updates and the update should be installing itself!

    This worked for me on the first try, I remember a few months ago there was a video on YouTube and a couple of forums on this method.

    I do not know if you have to do it a few times before it works, nor do I know if it will work at all for you! So use at own leisure!

    I really hope this helped some people! Good luck with getting the update and I hope everyone can soon enjoy the buttery and smooth experience of jelly Bean!

    • ryanmmoore

      as soon as i ‘checked in’ on my wife’s phone it notified her of the update

    • Just tried this but bummer, it didn’t work for me (Telus). I guess I’ll have to keep waiting…

    • Sean

      This worked for me on Rogers after I turned WiFi off then entered the numbers to “check-in”

  • swoo

    Jelly bean update Sasktel.

  • nitephox

    Finally got OTA update on my Fido Galaxy Nexus.

  • Me

    I previously flashed yakju from the Google site, I can’t really see any reason to cross-grade to the carrier’s version (it seems to me that leaving it the Google version means I will get Google updates immediately in the future). Anyone see any reasons to switch?