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Dual-SIM Note 5 May Offer Expandable Storage?!?


Here we go again!  Another rumour has surfaced regarding the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 and its expandable storage.  According to this most recent report coming from Taiwanese site, the dual-SIM variant of Samsung’s phablet will offer expandable storage via a hybrid slot that will double as the second SIM slot.

Now if this turns out to be true, it may leave many a potential consumer all the more frustrated.  Many hopeful Note 5 buyers are already voicing their disappointment at the thought of non-expandable storage on Samsung’s next phablet; can you imagine the backlash if Samsung launches a limited release version that offers the much sought after feature?

As always, take these rumours with a grain of salt.  Lucikly we have just 5 more days to wait before we’ll know exactly what the Note 5 will bring to the table.