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Dell Is Done With Android

Today we say goodbye to Android powered Dell devices as Dell has officially stepped out of the Android race.  This really isn’t a big surprise at all as they haven’t released anything Android related in quite some time now.  Despite their rather massive failure to gain any traction at all in the Android world, I have to commend Dell as the originator of the “phablet.”

Most consumers probably don’t remember this, but Dell was the first company to really push the envelope in terms of screen size into phablet range when they released their Dell Streak 5.  This 5″ device was marketed more as a tablet with phone functionality rather than a large phone but really its the same concept.  I did have own the device for a little while and it was a decent little phone/tablet.  However, the software was quite clunky and the phone as a whole was rather bulky, making it a little bit difficult to carry around.

Dell will instead focus their time on what they do best, computers.  They’ve been hard at work at creating new hybrid laptop/tablet devices that take advantage of the newly released Windows 8.


  • kurt hinds

    I thought they were done a while ago!