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Check Out Samsung’s New York Flash Mob!

Samsung’s big Unpacked Event is just a day away and to ensure that the there was still a buzz in the air, Samsung took to the streets of New York once again Flash Mob style.  In the video above you’ll see a lovely choreographed dance that was put together to promote tomorrow’s event.  How well was it received?  Well even a famous furry friend in boots came to check it out so I’d say it went well!  Check out the video to find out who it is!

[Samsung Tomorrow]

  • Joeyjoejoeshabadooo

    it’s boring when marketing companies try to exploit human expression and art to sell their cheap merch.

    and stop using the term “going viral” for god’s sake…

    • Tim Gee

      fair enough…. and I’m pretty sure I didn’t use the term “going viral”??