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Blackberry Releases Its First Priv Promo

The Blackberry Priv is just around the corner and we now have our first official promotional video from the Canadian company.  In the short clip Blackberry shows off their little addition to our favourite OS.

As you can see, Blackberry has tucked away a shortcut to their key feature, Blackberry Hub, into the on screen home button.  A quick swipe up from the home button gets you to the Hub which collates all of your messages and notifications.  Seems like a good solution as I’m not too sure that they’re able to implement their “peek” feature into Android.

Another neat little trick that the video showcases is the swipe up input on the keyboard.  In addition to being a physical keyboard, the Priv keyboard also acts as a touch pad which, in addition to the swipe up feature, allows you to scroll without touching the screen.

Still not firm release date but I’m sure we’ll be hearing something very soon.


  • That Guy

    Can’t wait for this phone. SOOOOOO excited. Looks really cool. Gonna buy outright if I can from Blackberry.