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Blackberry Promising Monthly Security Updates For The Priv

Blackberry Priv


As Blackberry ventures into the Android world for the first time they have decided to take a cue from other manufacturers regarding security.  Like most other companies, Blackberry is promising monthly security updates to their upcoming Blackberry Priv.  These updates will contain patches and fixes for all of the vulnerabilities that Google discovers and shares with Android OEMs in a security bulletin.  Blackberry’s goal is to have all of these vulnerabilities patched before Google reveals them to the public.

In addition to the monthly security updates, Blackberry will also release “hotfixes” to patch any critical Android vulnerability that is discovered in a more timely manner.  These updates will be targeted at the specific vulnerability and should hopefully much more timely so that your phone is safe and sound.

It all sounds good and promising but we’ll need to see this in action before we can give Blackberry praise for this.  Plus, their big challenge in sales likely isn’t going to be the lack of security on their phone, rather they should be focused on pricing their phone more competitively and marketing the heck out of it.