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Blackberry Planning To Sell Priv For $950 Unlocked!

Blackberry Priv Pre-Registration


Yesterday we got some carrier pricing for the Blackberry Priv and today we’ve got some additional pricing for the the unlocked model but be warned, it isn’t pretty.  The price seems to have been leaked accidentally yesterday when the Priv site went live briefly (it has since been taken down).  According to the details that surfaced, the unlocked price of the Blackberry Priv is a whopping $950!

Now I’m really hoping that that was some sort of mistake because that pricing doesn’t make any sense to me.  You could very well go buy the device outright from a carrier for $800 and get it unlocked for a heck of a lot less than the $150 premium Blackberry is allegedly charging.

Even the carrier pricing of $400 on contract and $800 outright is pretty steep, particularly from a company that is struggling to gain any sort of market share.  If the Priv is Blackberry’s last effort and it flops, they really only have themselves to blame.


  • stiguy

    No one will buy this at that price they would need to sell it at half that price to have people even consider it.

    I paid 300 outright for an idol 3 that I am extremely happy with. At 950 I’d rather buy a iPhone 6S plus or S6 edge plus

  • That Guy

    Ya really hoping it’s an error. If there Greedy here it’ll cost them big time. I think $600-$700 outright is more fair. Am still planning on picking one up but at $950 I’d think twice about it.