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Blackberry Offering Free Gifts With Priv Orders

Blackberry Priv

It’s no secret, Blackberry is struggling to push out devices.  Well perhaps a sale can help them push out a few more units?  If you head over to Blackberry’s online store, you’ll be able to snag a deal or two.

The only actual discount is on their Blackberry 10 powered Passport which is currently selling for $489.  As for their Android powered slider, the Priv, you don’t get a discount but you do get a couple of free gifts.  At a value of $119, Blackberry will include a free Leather Flip Case and Sync Pod with your Priv order.  Again, the Priv comes in at a pretty hefty $899.

If these seem a little too rich for your blood, Blackberry is expected to release two much more reasonably priced Android models sometime this year.  Current rumours have these devices pegged between $400-$500.