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Bell To Launch The HTC 10 On April 29

HTC 10 Silver

When HTC unveiled their 2016 flagship a couple days back, one of the big surprises was that Bell would be the exclusive carrier here in Canada.  At the time of the announcement, we didn’t have a release date but we do have one to pass your way now.

According to a document obtained by MobileSyrup, Bell plans to release the HTC 10 on April 29, just over two weeks from now.  No pricing was obtained but the outright price will likely mimic HTC’s pricing to purchased it unlocked at $1000.  That should place it at around $300 on contract which, in my opinion, is probably a little too steep for a company trying recapture some market share.

On a side note, I noticed something somewhat interesting when searching the HTC 10 on  The site currently has the HTC 10 listed at $749.99 (2-year term).  Obviously that we be an absurd 2 year term price but it could possibly be their outright price.  This also could just be a place holder as a $250 different between purchasing through Bell and purchasing through HTC seems a little bit much.

Either way, how many of you are planning to pick up the HTC 10?