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Battery Life Galore With The Moto X Play

Moto X Play - 4

Leading up to today’s event there were a lot of conflicting specification leaks for the Moto X and now we know why,  Motorola announced two different Moto X’s today, the Moto X Play and Moto X Style.  The former is on its way to Canada and it’s got enough juice to keep you chugging all day long.  Here are the specs:

  • 5.5″ 1080p Display
  • Snapdragon 615 Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB Internal Storage
  • microSD Card Slot
  • 21MP Camera
  • 5MP Front Facing Camera
  • 3630 mAh Battery
  • Android 5.1.1

While the specs definitely aren’t at the level of competitors flagships, it’s still got plenty of power for your every day, non spec-junkie, user.  The battery life in particular should be exceptional given that Motorola has opted not to go QHD  screen and is only using a 1080p display.  Motorla claims that the device can go up to 48 hours on a single charge and if you do need a quick top up, the phone is equipped with Motorola’s TurboPower technology that can provide an additional 8 hours of use in just 15 minutes.

It appears that only the black version will be available at launch but swappable back plates will be made available so you can make the phone fit your personal style.  The phone is expected to launch in August with Bell, Telus, Videotron, Koodo and WIND all expected to pick up the device.  In terms of price, the Moto X Play will cost just $400 outright!  That definitely makes up for some of the less than flagship level specs.

It’s definitely an interesting move on Motorola’s part to split their flagship line into two with a true flagship in the Moto X Style (a phone that may or may not come to Canada!) and a pseudo flagship in the Moto X Play.  I call it a pseudo flagship because to me, it’s above the level of a mid-range device.  Plus, Motorola already has a device occupying that space in the Moto G.

What do you guys think?  Is the Moto X Play worthy of being called a flagship or has Motorola dropped the ball here by splitting up their top line?


  • Jason Bonney

    Still waiting to find out about the next Nexus phone, but if it’s a $600+ price point then Moto X Play will be my next phone. I think this model has found the sweet spot in terms of specs for the price.

    • Tim

      The Moto’s are a very nice alternative to the Nexus line. Updates are as quick if not quicker than the Nexus’ and Motorola has been really challenging the competition in price point lately.

    • Hello Moto

      Same here.