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Asus Teases New Smartwatch and Smartphone

Asus Teaser - 1

Asus has never been one to shy away from innovation.  They have produced some of the most unique devices to date (many that were “borrowed” by other manufacturers down the road) and it looks like the innovation will continue at IFA this year.

The company released a short little teaser clip showcasing some of what they have in store for the tech conference this year.  In addition to some oddly shaped computers/laptops/tablets, the teaser also showcased what appears to be the volume button of a smartphone as well as a new smartwatch.

The smatwatch in particular stands out as the company didn’t seem too concerned about hiding the device in the video.  Like the company’s first watch, the ZenWatch, this upcoming watch looks very sleek and thin compared to other wearables on the market.  It also appears that they’ve opted for a metal band rather than leather this time around but there’s a good chance that the band will be easily replaceable as that tends to be the trend as of late.

Hit the link to check out the video.