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Andy Rubin Planning To Start His Own Smartphone Company?

Andy Rubin Google’s senior vice president of mobile and digital content begins selling a wallet phone directly to U.S. consumers

Andy Rubin, one of the co-founders of Android, may soon be returning to his roots.  After leaving Android and Google a couple years back, Rubin is reportedly looking to get back into the smartphone game.  According to sources in the mobile industry, Rubin has allegedly been trying to recruit personnel to join him in creating a new phone company.

It’s not completely clear at this point if Rubin would be heading up the company or simply providing financial backing but its exciting news nonetheless.  Any company that has Rubin’s involvement has my attention and I would imagine that devices coming out of that company are going to be using pure, or close to pure, Android which is always a plus.

Although much of this news is unconfirmed, speculation is that Rubin might target the high end market as the budget and mid range Android market is absolutely flooded with devices.  Google likewise entered into the high end market this year with the Nexus 6P and it’d be great to have another pure Android option with flagship caliber hardware.

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