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Android Powered Blackberry Device Leaked?!?

Blackberry Android

Blackberry has been working really hard to stay relevant over the past… several years and it seems they’re up for trying anything, even a rival OS.  Retired leakster @evleaks (who has seemingly been really busy lately for a retired leakster) recently Tweeted the above picture.  As you can see, the pictured device looks a lot like a Blackberry Passport but clearly shows off Lollipop’s on screen navigation buttons.

While the move as a whole seems a little bit odd, their definitely could be a market for Android powered Blackberry devices.  Blackberry has always produced some of the best keyboards for mobile devices and even though we are all quite acustomed to on screen keyboards, there are those who would likely still prefer a physical keypad.

What do you guys think?  Would you buy a Blackberry Android device??