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Android M’s Power And Battery Management

IO Doze

Battery life is a hot topic in the mobile industry these days and Google didn’t ignore it at I/O.  Built into Android M will be Google’s new power management system called Doze.  Doze is a new deeper sleep mode that essentially puts apps into a nearly off state of sleep when the device is left idle for a while.  This feature will be especially beneficial for tablets as they are often used it spurts and not on an on going basis.

While this does mean that apps may take a little longer to reload, Google claims that the new Doze feature can potentially double the battery life for a device!  Again, this is more likely for devices like tablets that remain idle for long periods of time but still, double is pretty impressive!

In addition to the new Doze feature, Google also announced that they are getting ready to transition to the new Type-C USB connector.  Type-C connectors can not only be used upside down and right side up but they will also provide faster charging and faster data transfer.  One of the most intriguing moments during the Type-C announcement though was a render of a device sporting a Type-C plug.  Could that be the next Nexus?  To me it looks like a Nexus 5 with a metallic frame but perhaps I’m just reading too much into that.

Nexus Type C