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Android M To Bring Auto App Data Backup!

Android M

As a blogger and techie who is always testing out new phones, jumping from one phone to the next isn’t always a walk in the park.  While data transfer apps definitely help the process and preserve the essentials (contacts, photos, music, etc.), you still often lose a lot when switching phones, namely app data.  Well Google has finally acknowledged the problem and has a solution (or at least a semi-solution)!

Coming in Android M is a new auto backup service that will automatically backup some of your app data to your Google Drive account.  According to the developer blog, users will be able to store up to 25MB of data per app which should hopefully be enough to get the essential data.  The backup will occur automatically every 24 hours assuming that the phone is idle, plugged in and connected to WiFi.  When a user jumps into a new device, the data will automatically be restored to the app and things should hopefully be as they were on your old phone.  As you’d expect, users can opt out of the backup if they so choose but the information is encrypted so there is some security in place.

While this is super exciting news, especially for those who change their phone as often as they change their underwear, I’m going to wait to see it in action before I get too excited.

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