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Android 6.0.1 Will Soon Be Rolling Out To Nexus’



Android 6.0.1 will soon be rolling out and as the version number suggests, the changes are pretty minimal.  The main addition that Android 6.0.1 will bring to devices is a new batch of Emoji’s.  Not the most exciting news but everyone loves their Emoji’s right?

The update also brings with it a slight change to the tablet interface.  Rather than having all of the on screen buttons centred at the bottom of the screen, the home and back buttons have been moved to the bottom left corner whereas the multitasking button has been moved to the right corner.  It would appear that the rearrangement was done to make it easier to reach the navigation buttons with your thumbs.

The “Do Not Disturb” feature also got a slight tweak as Google brought back the “until next alarm” option.  This option was available in Android 5.1 but was missed in 6.0.  The update also brings with it your usual security and performance tweaks so it’s a good idea to update your device when you can so that all the little holes get patched up.

The update hasn’t hit my phone yet but it should be rolling out in the coming days.