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Android 5.1.1 Rolling Out To The Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 Blue


As we all eagerly await Marshmallow, other updates are still rolling out to devices and we’ve got one piece of update news to pass your way.  Android 5.1.1 is currently rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung’s 2014 flagship device.  From what I’m hearing, the update is hitting all carriers so you should be seeing it right away if you haven’t already received it.  The update is up in the 650MB range so you’ll probably want to be connected to WiFi before you start downloading the update.

It doesn’t seem that there’s any major changes in this update.  Just the usual minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.  If you haven’t received the update yet, be sure to jump into the settings and do a manual check.


  • Stan Corbin

    I got the update and it messed up the battery. Before the update I could get a 1 1/2 days out of a fully charged phone. Now I’m lucky if I get 3 hours. Now I am considering reseting the phone to the factory specs and starting over. Something I shouldn’t have to do. If anyone has any solutions I would love to hear them.

  • grey

    This update replaced the stock Android “priority mode” with the old TouchWiz “blocking mode”. Admittedly the stock Android version took some getting used to, but eventually I preferred it. The TouchWiz version is rather annoying because it leaves a perpetual notification in the drawer that I can’t remove. The icon on the status bar should be enough!

  • grey

    Welp, this update has completely wrecked my phone. Frustratingly laggy for every little action and apps keep crashing. Like I can’t even listen to a podcast anymore or write email without crashes. And then it takes 30 seconds of waiting to even get back into the app. Can’t even play Clash of Clans without lag messing it up haha. Total crap.

    Got to look into backing some things up and then perhaps trying Cyanogenmod or something. Or maybe a I try a factory reset but meh.