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Android 2.0.1 Security Flaw Allows Unauthorized Device Access

Android users running 2.0.1 or prospective Milestone (Droid) owners should be aware of a security flaw recently identified with Android OS 2.0.1.

Currently affecting the Motorola Droid (or any up to date Android), and likely the Milestone when it launches, is a security flaw that bypasses the lock screen and allows unauthorized access to the device home screen.

Under normal circumstances, the flaw is very unlikely to be an issue as it can only be exploited if the device is ringing/receiving an incoming call. When the device is locked and receiving a phone call, an unauthorized user may simply tap the “back” button and be presented with the device home screen, giving them full access to the device.

Fortunately Google has stated, “We are aware of the issue and we’re working to deliver a fix to Motorola DROIDs shortly.” So hopefully this will be patched sooner rather than later.


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