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Alleged Note 5 CAD Video Leaks!

Each year, the new Galaxy Note is one of the devices, if not thee device, I most look forward to seeing.  I’ve always been a fan of the phablet size and the Note in particular always seems to push the limits in terms of design and specs.  Speaking of design, we may not have to wonder any more what the Note 5 will look like as a CAD video allegedly showcasing the device has surfaced.

The video was posted by @OnLeaks, a leakster with a pretty good track record, so the leak definitely holds some weight.  As you can see, the design seems to merge the Note 4 and the S6, which I think most of us expected.  The back in particular very much resembles the S6 Edge’s front screen with its dual curved edges.  You’ll also notice that there is only one tray on the device which may mean that this device will not support expandable memory.  Now it is possible that the tray will house both the SIM card and a microSD card but to me that seems a little unlikely.

One key absence that’s worth noting is the lack of a USB Type-C port.  While this isn’t a necessity by any means, it would have been a nice inclusion and I’m really hoping that the final design includes the new port as it will undoubtedly become the standard in the coming years.

What do you guys think of the design?  Digging the new look?

[SamMobile / Twitter]

  • Denis Bergeron

    I hate that. I see a tray for the sim card. That’s mean no sd card. So not buy for me. In Canada network prie are so high nobody what to use the cluod for the music and media.