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Alleged Huawei Nexus Specs Leak

Huawei Nexus

As you may recall, a rumour surfaced a little while back that Google was partnering with a Chinese manufacturer to produce the (or one of the) next Nexus devices.  A little after that, another rumour broke claiming that Huawei was that mystery Chinese manufacturer.  Fast forward to today and we have some rumoured specs for the rumoured Nexus.

The story broke on Chinese microblogging site Weibo and according to the source, the Huawei Nexus is going to be a pretty powerful device.  While not all of the specs leaked, the source claims that that Huawei Nexus will feature a 5.7″ Samsung made OLED 2K display and will be powered by the ultra powerful Snapdragon 810.

Both choices, while definitely promising, seem a little odd to me.  First off, Huawei has consistently stated that 2K displays are unnecessary for smartphones.  Secondly, Huawei produces their own chipset so it seems odd that they would opt for Qualcomm’s offering instead.  Of course, it is a partnership with Google so there’s a good chance that Google is making these decisions and not Huawei.

As always, take this story with a grain or two of salt as we have yet to hear anything official from either company.