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2nd Android M Developer Preview Now Available

Android M

Android M, the next version of the world’s largest mobile operating system was originally launched during Google I/O 2015 on the Nexus 5, 6, 9 and the Nexus Player. Google said it had planned to release 3 versions of the developer preview before the final build in Q3 but for some reason, the second preview was delayed as it was supposed to come out late last month.


However, Preview 2 finally came out today and the most prominent change is the slightly redesigned Google Now launcher, which now allows you to show the homescreen in landscape when enabled. The app drawer also received a slight tweak, where it gives you the grid of apps but still specifiable by the scroll bar.


Next is the new memory section which now gives you the total memory usage of all apps as well as the individual averages of each app within a specified duration.

Other changes include the ability to delete screenshots in the status bar, as well has remove status bar icons all together or individually.

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