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2016 Moto Devices Will Feature Fingerprint Readers

Moto X 4 Gen


Motorola was one of the first to introduce fingerprint readers onto mobile devices but after its rather lacklustre reception on the Atrix (mainly due to it being terribly unreliable) the company abandoned the security feature.  Even when everyone jumped back on board this past year, Motorola still opted not to employ the feature on their 2015 line up.  Well it’s a new year and as we learned earlier this week, Motorola is no more as Lenovo has put that name to bed.

The Moto name will live on, however, in the high end Lenovo Moto line up (that felt all kinds of weird to type out) and according to SVP of Lenovo Chen Xudong, the fingerprint reader will return in 2016.  According to Chen, all Moto branded devices will feature a fingerprint reader this year.  He also went on to say that no Moto devices will feature a display less than 5″.  That means that the super budget Moto E and possibly even the Moto G may have also gone the way of the dinosaur (or maybe they’ll get re branded).

One thing that Chen didn’t mention is what type of fingerprint reader Motorola Lenovo will employ.  I think it’s pretty safe to say it won’t be a swipe style reader as those are pretty terrible as we all know.  The touch type seems like the most logical but if the above image that is allegedly a prototype of the Moto X 4th Gen is accurate, there doesn’t appear to be anything on the back.  While the reader could be on the front, that doesn’t seem likely to me as Motorla the Moto brand employs a pretty clean front with on screen buttons.  So what options are left?  Either a side button fingerprint reader, a la Sony, or perhaps Motorola Lenovo utilizes Qualcomm’s awesome 3D finger print scanner that employs ultrasonic technology to read your print.