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What Is M Going To Be? Marshamallow?!?!?

The next iteration of Android isn’t too far off and although we know that the next name for Android will start with an “M” we’re still not too sure what the “M” is going to stand for.

Well Google has put out a little teaser video and in the video they offer a variety of suggestions.  Moon Pie? MilkShake? M&M? Marzipan?

While they don’t tell us definitively what the name is, they may have offered a BIG hint at the end of the video.  At the end of the short clip you see a new Android statue being painted and if I were to wager a guess I would say that that statue looks like a Marshmallow.  Of course, Google may have just thrown that in to throw us off (remember how we all thought “K” would be Key Lime Pie?) so don’t bet all your marbles on that just yet.

Android M Statue Teaser Android Names


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