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Ubuntu Images Could Show Up As Early As February!

Just last week we got our first glimpse of a new OS that will be coming our way next year, Ubuntu for phones.  It’s a brand new Linux based OS that looks amazing if the video is anything to go off of.  Now I know you may be saying that this isn’t Android news, which is true, but this OS could very well be ported over to many (any?) of our Android devices so to me it’s still relevant.

So the news today is that the Canonical team has offered up the first timeline as to when we could get our first glimpse of this OS.  At CES they announced that the first images of this OS should be making their way to us in February.  What does this mean exactly?  Well it doesn’t mean that we’re going to have a full functioning version of the OS in February.  It does mean that we may be able to get our first test run at the OS.  The image that will be released will not be complete but rather an alpha or maybe beta release that will give us a little taste.

Again, I know this isn’t Android news per se, but I’m excited about it!