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Samsung Galaxy SII Jelly Bean Update Coming In February


As we reported last week, an image was displayed on Samsung’s Korean site revealing details of an upcoming Jelly Bean update to the Galaxy S2. This was welcome news, but sadly, the notice failed to include any sort of time frame for the release.

Well today, a Samsung spokesman was able to confirm to CNET that the update will be arriving in February, first rolling out to users in Singapore, and then gradually to the rest of the world. Android 4.1 will not be available OTA; users will need to perform the upgrade with the Kies sync utility due to the size of the file. Expect the update to consume at least 1 GB of the available 12 GB of internal memory.

Along with the OS upgrade, Samsung will be including new proprietary features like Smart Stay, keeping the phone’s display lit until it detects the user is no longer looking at it; and Pop-Up Play, which gives users the ability to watch a video in a small window while doing other tasks on the phone.

  • andrzewi

    And of course Rogers will have it sometime in April?

    • Mark Roberts

      I’d say late March, but I’m new around here : )

  • Jacky Z

    I hope Bell will have it next month.

  • Mark

    So I saw an OTA update for my Rogers S2 LTE running official 4.0.4 when I woke up yesterday morning. Unfortunately it failed due to my custom bootloader.

    Installed Kies on my office Mac, and got the update on that way. First it warned me that some Samsung Social features would be removed because they were incompatible with the new OS.

    The Kies part of the upgrade took over half an hour, and the stupid updater steals focus preventing me from getting anything else done. What is this, Windows?

    It worried me for a moment on first boot … hung at the S2 LTE logo screen for several minutes before it finally reacted. Interestingly the Rogers animation that normally plays earlier was replaced with a Samsung one.

    “Optimizing Apps” took a significant amount of time, but at least you could see the progress. After that, calendar, contacts and media databases were “upgraded”.

    After that, it sat at an “Installing applications” screen with an apparent progress bar that didn’t move. I estimate around five minutes.

    …and now I’m definitely on Jellybean. It replaced my lockscreen with the nice Galaxy SIII dandelion seed one. It wiped out the TouchWiz launcher. Unfortunately NovaLauncher, which I normally use, had all the widgets reset to placeholders.

    Anyway, EVERYTHING seems a bit different … the TouchWiz quicksettings, system settings, fonts, etc. It’ll take me some time to explore it all. But I’m on version 4.1.2 now. Excited to have access to Google Now on my phone; it wasn’t terribly useful on my Nexus 7.

    • Mark

      Oh neat, this time NovaLauncher remembered all my individual widget settings, so no big deal.

      The new TouchWiz quickdrawer is a massive massive massive improvement. Lots more immediate and useful toggles.

      I hope they fixed the alarm clock which they bugged in the ICS update (would no longer deactivate the “smart alarm” properly…), as well, power-saving was kind of screwed up in that it wouldn’t toggle options back to normal once it was off.