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Rogers Releases Jelly Bean Update Schedule

Great news Rogers customers, it looks like a handful of devices will be getting their Jelly Beans just in time for Christmas.  According to a post over on the Rogers Community Forum, the Galaxy S III is first in line to land the update.  That update should be coming by the end of November.

Two other Samsung devices, the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II, are expected to get their update at the end of December.  And to round it all out, the Motorola RAZR HD is also expected to land the Jelly Bean update at the end of December.

Great news for anyone using these devices.  I already anticipate that the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II are going to be re-invigorated with the new update.  However, the Galaxy S III and Motorola RAZR HD will also get a boost in their already solid performance with the new OS.

I’ll keep you posted if any more exact dates pop up.


  • DavidW

    Of course no information about the HTC One X. I think that it is time for me to install a custom rom.

  • me myself

    Dont suppose you have heard anything about Bell’s update schedule? Seems like they have been sulking ever since being denied to buy astral. :(

  • Brian

    Didn’t even bother to wait for Rogers to release a Jelly Bean update for my Note. 4.2 is already out and they probably won’t even have 4.1 ready by the start of 2013. If they had quick updates I’d gladly stick with the stock ROM but their laziness is more than enough incentive to flash custom ROMs 6 months before they get around to a bloated update.

  • dinmab

    galaxy nexus ?

    • Takju builds should have now.
      Yakju… seems to be hit and miss

      Rumour is the canadian yakjuux should be getting it now (we have one claim that they got the OTA already… i’ll investigate more).

  • Original RAZR????