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Rogers Galaxy S III Update Delayed Till December

The Galaxy S III is one the greatest Android handsets ever developed and definitely the best selling one.  Despite its greatest, however, there’s still room for it to grow.  Particularly in it’s firmware number.  There are several S III users around the globe who have already gotten a taste of Jelly Bean on their S III, but the majority here in Canada are still waiting.

While the initial plan for the major carriers was to release the update by the end of November, at least on of the carriers, Rogers, has delayed the update.  There’s no word as to why they have delayed the release, but hopefully it’s not anything big.  Each carrier does throw in their own collection of apps and do some testing prior to releasing it to the public, so lets hope that they’re just doing a little bit of extra testing rather than there being problem with the firmware.

There is a possibility that other carriers could also get delayed but no official word quite yet.  I’ll keep you posted if I see or hear anything else.


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