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NVIDIA Teases Marshmallow For The Shield K1 Tablet

A few weeks back NIVIDA released, or perhaps we should say re-released, their gaming tablet which has been re-branded as the NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1.  The device is nearly identical to the original Shield but lacks the stylus and only comes in a 16GB model.  At the time of the release, or re-release, NVIDIA promised to have Marshmallow out before the calendar flipped over.  Well it looks like they’re on track as they’ve just released a nice little teaser.

In the video, NVIDIA showcases several of Marshmallow’s new features such as app permissions, Google Now On Top, and the new app drawer.  They also show how Marshmallow easily allows you to use a microSD card as expandable storage, a huge plus for a tablet limited to just 16GB of internal storage.  NVIDIA also offers a sneak peek into their new camera application which packs a bunch of new features.

Unfortunately, they didn’t offer up any release date for the update nor did they mention whether or not the original Shield Tablet would be getting the update at the same time.  However, December is near its end so we should expect to hear some more details very soon.