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NVIDIA Shield Tablet Getting Its Marshmallow Update

Shield Tablet Nvidia Lollipop

The NVIDIA Shield K1 got updated to Marshmallow all the way back in December but despite being nearly identical to the K1, the original Shield Tablet was left behind on Lollipop.  Well left behind no more.

NVIDIA has finally released the Marshmallow update for the original Shield Tablet bringing that tablet up to Android 6.0 as well.  In addition to new Android features such as Now on Tape, Doze, and the new microSD storage management, NVIDIA also did some work improving their camera app.  Going back to the microSD card changes, NVIDIA does warn that if you want to use your microSD card as internal storage, you will lose existing data on the card so be sure to back it up.  Again, back up your stuff if you’re wanting to use your microSD card as internal storage.


  • JC

    Out of date information – they pulled the OTA due to problems with wifi. Given they were openly asking those who had already updated to try various workarounds and report back results, it seems like it completely took them off guard and they didn’t just forget to flip a bit.

    • stiguy

      You’re right it was taken down due to WiFi getting disabled on some devices.

      I have kept mine on lollipop because I don’t feel like being their beta tester lol