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Motorola Xoom Gets Ice Cream Sandwich Officially

A couple months ago, I wrote that the Motorola Xoom was said to be one of the first tablets to receive Ice Cream Sandwich. Turns out the rumour were correct, sad thing is it looks like it U.S only at this time.

There is still hope for us Canadians though! If you are one of the cleaver Xoom users who have flashed an American build on to you Xoom, you ‘should’ have this update pushed to you as well. It’s now officially rolling out to all, but as usual it will be in stages so your device might not get it right away. You can try to manually pull it by going to Settings/About Tablet/System Updates. I would imagine it will take at least a week for everyone to receive the update.

Should this be a U.S version only, and you can’t wait for them to push it to us around… February? You could always flash the U.S version.

For more information about rooting your Motorola Xoom and flashing ICS manually, I suggest hitting up the professionals over at XDA.

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  • Anonymous

    I still say my eeePad will get it before the Xoom does… the clock is ticking!!

    • Your on! lol

      • Anonymous

        no flash, just stock…

        • No worries, I won’t cheat 😛

    • Unless you are specifically refering to Canada – I have had ICS on my Xoom for over 2 weeks now.

      • I am. We try to focus on Canadian news only here 😉 thanks for the heads up though

        Sent from my Android

  • Jcold1

    Yeah, it’s worthwhile unlocking your Canadian xoom(no need to root!) if you’re up for it and install a stock American ROM. Afaik Canadian xooms are *not* ‘google experience ‘ devices, and that’s where the latest pure google updates come from, not Motorola. Ever since Motorola canada dragged their asses on Honeycomb updates, that’s what I’ve been running, and I’ve been getting the latest ota updates even before most of my American friends!
    ICS is *definitely * worth it. Loving the new fonts and layouts, and there’s a significant speed upgrade. Really breathes new life into the device.

    • Chris Stockdale

      i tried the US firmware too, and it worked well enough, but i found that I couldn’t run Netflix anymore. have you noticed anything that your US Xoom-in-Canada can’t do?

      • I flashed the 4.0.3 firmware on my Xoom just a couple days go via the root method on XDA. Just tried Netflix and everything works perfectly.

  • Parkdalepaul

    Slightly off topic. Whatever happened to the nexus s ICS update. It stalled out and nobody talking about it since . Was supposed to be the very 1St device. Why is this tablet getting the update before my nexus s?

    • No one is talking about it because sadly enough Google isn’t really dropping any hints for us to go off of. Any news about it now would be pure speculation of the writer or old news that has already been covered.

      The last bit we heard was it was just about the be released, than they found heating and battery issues, so they pulled it back for revaluation. They said it would probably be released early February, but until then all we can do is play the waiting game, or try a 3rd party rom.

  • David LaPointe

    The US Flash instructions don’t seem to always work on Canadian devices – many people report that the bootloader rejects the OTA kernel updates… this was certainly my experience after following the instructions quite carefully. The ‘professionals’ over XDA Developers were quite unhelpful about this.

    Bottom line is that there is no excuse for Motorola to spend months extra to compile a code branch that has only minor variations in files.

  • Me

    Begining of May and still no update to ICS in Canada. Motorola has no ETA. Really hate being screwed over everytime the Android OS is updated.

    • Dean

      Still waiting for Canadian Xoom…