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More Marshmallows On The Way! S5 Expected Update On May 2, Note 4 May 16

Telus Update

It took a while for Samsung to get their Marshmallow updates rolling out for the 2015 flagships but those are now out and they’re keeping things chugging along as the 2014 flagships will be getting their updates next month!

According to the latest update on Telus’ software update schedule, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is due to get it’s update to Marshmallow on May 2.  The 2014 phablet, the Note 4, will get theirs a couple weeks later on May 16.  And just to top it all off, the Galaxy Tab S2 will also be getting updated to Marshmallow on May 2.

Of course, these dates are subject to change as we saw with the S6 line up but it’s nice to at least see some tentative dates listed.


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    Found a Rogers schedule saying Marshmellow would come to our S5s yesterday. It’s finally downloading on my phone this morning.

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      I had been holding out for Marshmellow to wait and see if it did anything to improve my laggy phone. Otherwise I was planning on switching to Cyanogenmod. I have wiped my phone previously, but it’s only helped for like a week or two.

      S5 Rogers Marshmellow has been a complete clusterfuck for me so far:

      It thought my pattern unlock was invalid. There’s just no way I’ve randomly forgotten it … used the same one for years.

      It gave me options for PIN unlock or Google account unlock. I’m pretty sure on the previous version I had a backup password, not a PIN. Either of my usual PINs did not work. If I selected account unlock … the keyboard didn’t show.

      Samsung’s Find My Phone service could unlock it fortunately.

      Once I got in, I immediately was greeted with having to set up Swype again — so I’m guessing that’s why the keyboard didn’t show earlier.

      First impressions: not good!!

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        After the morning’s drama, the phone is running better than ever. I hope it holds up!