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Lollipop For The Tab S LTE 8.4 Is Rolling Out

Tab S 8.4 Lollipop


Some good ol’ Lollipop news to pass your way.  The Galaxy Tab S LTE 8.4 is now receiving an update to Lollipop on at least Bell.  Bell Tweeted the news earlier today so if you’ve got a Tab S LTE 8.4 in hand, be sure to check if you’ve got an update waiting.  No other carrier has announced the roll out yet but chances are they should be getting the update right away as well.

If you don’t see a notification, be sure to do a manual check  by jumping into your settings and scrolling down to “about device.”  In there you’ll see an option for software updates where you’ll be able to perform the manual check.


  • stiguy

    Can this device make calls? I saw videos online showing a phone and messages app but calling telus and bell say the lte 4g is for data only. Has anyone tried their voice sim on this device?

    I wanna use it as a Bluetooth headset and tablet combo which would allow me to carry one less device everyday