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Is Google Getting Rid Of The App Drawer?

It’s been a while since Google made any major changes to the Android UI but a big change may be coming with Android N…. or perhaps a big exclusion is the better way to put it.

Google recently posted a video on the Google Maps Twitter account and if you watch closely at the beginning, the Nexus 6P in the video doesn’t have an app drawer on it.  Only three icons line the bottom, Phone, Contacts and Camera.

There have been some rumblings around the web that Google may ditch the app drawer in Android N but Google has yet to confirm or deny that fact.  This video could definitely be a hint at the coming change but it could very well be nothing as there’s also a black bar behind the on screen buttons and that’s seems like a step backwards design wise.

What do you guys think?  Will Google ditch the app drawer?  And if they do, is that a good move?


  • moovacha

    If they do I would just bring it back with a mod, custom rom, xposed mod, customer launcher, rooted apps, etc.