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Google I/O Registration Has Come And Gone

Google IO


Google I/O is a couple of months away and there’s a lot of hype around the event.  Why all the hype?  Well to begin with, we’re likely going to get a glimpse of the next batch of Nexus devices which could include updated version of the Nexus 7 and 10.  We may also get our first official look of the rumoured Motorola X-Phone, which isn’t likely going to officially be a Nexus device but will have all the perks of a Nexus (ie. updates!).  The most exciting news, however, is likely going to be the unveiling of Key Lime Pie, the next iteration of Android.

And just in case you were hoping to head to the show your chance is likely already gone as the I/O registration has come and gone in under an hour.  It actually took longer to sell out this year than last year but it seems that it wasn’t due to lack of interest.  Apparently several hopeful attendees were having issues when it came to trying to actually pay for the tickets.

So did any of you guys shell out some big money for your chance to be at Google I/O this year (and likely get some pretty ridiculous goodies in the process)?

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