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Galaxy S III Update Coming December 3

Great news for all you Galaxy S III users, and I know there’s probably a bunch of you!  The Jelly Bean update has been given a date by Samsung Canada via their Twitter account.  According to the tweet, the update will be rolling out beginning on Monday December 3.  Here’s the full tweet:

“Jelly Bean starts rolling out to GALAXY S III owners over-the-air Monday. Stay tuned for more Jelly Bean announcements soon!”

There’s no word on which carrier will be getting it first or perhaps they’ll be nice and all release at the same time.  But soon enough you’ll all be able to indulge in some Jelly Bean-y-Project Buttery goodness.

And in some other Samsung news, if you happen to be rocking a Galaxy Note or Galaxy S II, a follow up tweet stated that an announcement on that should be coming shortly so stay tuned!



  • Joy!

  • Jacky Z

    I can’t wait for the update for my Galaxy S II