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Galaxy S III Premium Suite Part II

First off, sorry for being MIA yesterday.  I was under the weather all day and was asleep basically the entire time that I wasn’t working.  But I’m back to bring you all the wonderful Android news you look for.  So let’s get back to this.

So as promised here is Part II of the Galaxy S III Premium Suite video.  In this video Samsung shows off the rest of the features that they’ll be throwing into the phone in the near future.  The Paper Artist app makes its way to the S3.  This one will allow you to paper-ize any photo to create a little piece of art.  Some great camera features also make their way to the S3, the most notable one being the Best Faces feature which allows you to swap out individual faces in a photo to create that perfect group shot.

Samsung’s also tossing in a bunch of new accessibility tools for those who need a little extra help in using their phone.  Check it all out in the video below.

[Samsung Tomorrow]