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Galaxy S II And Galaxy Note Jelly Bean Update Delayed?

Here’s some potentially sad news for all of you who are anxiously waiting for your Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II to get updated to to Jelly Bean.  Apparently the roll out of the update has been delayed until early 2013.  It was originally slated to hit devices this December.

No official reason was given for the delay but as we shared yesterday, a major security flaw has been found in some of Samsung’s Exynos chips.  It’s likely Samsung wants to patch this exploit before releasing any new firmware.

Now here’s the tricky part.  The majority of the last years Samsung products that launched in Canada did not feature the Exynos chip.  If my memory serves my right, only the Bell version of the Galaxy S II featured the Exynos chips.  All other variations of the S II used a different chip to power the device as did the Galaxy Note to accommodate for LTE.

So there is a slight chance that Canada’s update schedule won’t be affected, with the exception of Bell.  I guess we’ll have to just wait and see.