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Galaxy Note II Update Delayed


I’ll be the first to say that this news sucks and I wish I wasn’t writing about it but here I am nonetheless.  According to MobileSyrup, Samsung Canada has informed them that the update for the Galaxy Note II is going to be delayed until February.

Last week Telus had posted that the update was available which gave hope to many of us but I have yet to hear of anybody successfully upgrading to the latest software from Samsung and this news further cements the fact that Telus jumped the gun a bit.

There’s no date attached to this news but we are give the words “early February” from Samsung.  With all these delays I’m thinking it’s time to get back into rooting and flashing, something that I’ve managed to stay away from with my last few devices.


  • meNoLike

    this sucks!

    • Tim Gee

      I fully agree, but what can you do….

  • FML!!!!!!!!!!!