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Galaxy Note 2 Owners: Multi-Window Update Coming Wednesday


Samsung announced this morning on their Twitter feed that Canadians should expect a pretty big update this week. On Wednesday, Galaxy Note 2 owners will finally receive multi-window support, a heavily-advertised feature of the Note 2 when it was first released.

No word has been said as to why Canadians are so late in receiving the update as Europeans and Americans have had it since the end of last year. The tardiness of the update’s release is also strange considering other Samsung devices like the S3 have had support for multiple windows for a while now.

Also coming with the update, Samsung promises to provide Chinese language support on the Canadian Note 2s. I can’t believe I didn’t even know this wasn’t possible for my Chinese-Canadian brothers and sisters. Even worse, Samsung thought it was okay to release a flagship phone to Canadians months ago without support for (I’m assuming) Canada’s third-most-used language. Very poor, Samsung.

On an editorial note, it’s this kind of fragmentation that’s making me stick to vanilla Google phones from here on in.

[Android Central]

  • Alex P.

    I will not believe Samsung until I get this update.

  • TiMMay

    Just got the update, multi window is finally here!