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Fido And Rogers Motorola RAZR HD Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out

This is always welcomed news.  According to some users, the Jelly Bean update for the Motorola RAZR HD on Rogers and Fido is now making its way to devices.  So if you happen to have one of these devices on hand, go into your settings and check for an update!

Now you too have access to those wonderful Google Now cards and that wonderful little addition called Project Butter.  I’m sure that Motorola tossed in some other little goodies in there as part of the update so if you have one of these devices, let us know what you find.

Lately it really feels like Jelly Bean is growing at a strong pace.  I think the majority of the current flagship phones on the market are now running at least Android 4.1.


  • Ozil569

    I have the rzar hd with fido.. and its not available on my phone yet!

    • nim

      i have one too. i havent gotten it yet but my boyfriend got notifications since morning and updted about an hour ago

      • Tim Gee

        I’m sure it’ll make its way to your phone soon enough!

  • John Galea

    Two days later it’s not showing up on mine either. I jut checked