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Bell Galaxy S II Jelly Bean Update Coming In The Next Few Days

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This is probably the news that many have been patiently/impatiently waiting for.  The Galaxy S II update to Jelly Bean should be rolling out over the next few days according to Samsung’s Facebook page.  However, this is just for the Galaxy S II on Bell for the time being so the rest of you are going to have to be wait it out just a little bit more.

It makes sense that Bell got the first crack at the update since their device is identical to the international one that has had Jelly Bean for little while now.  Samsung does state in the post though to “stay tuned for more upgrade announcements for other carriers & other devices over the coming weeks.”  Other devices could definitely point to the original Galaxy Note which is also awaiting it’s upgrade to Jelly Bean.

So if you’ve got a Bell S II in hand keep an eye out for the update and let us know when you do get it!

[Samsung Facebook]

  • MikeT

    my girlfriend whose on Virgin Mobile (i.e.Bell) got it this morning

  • heehaw

    Yep same here with vmc but it failed Ota so will try via kies after work (fingers crossed)

  • Graeme Marbach

    Mine said I had an update this morning around 5am, then froze up trying to connect to the server, now. . .home and kies tells me that I have no internet connection. . .on the same laptop I am using to write this. . .

  • dgr

    Similar experience. OTA Failed this morning and Kies keeps failing with some weird Korean error message (ok maybe the message is not wired, but the fact that it’s Korean is!)

  • arrow

    Updated last night, all went smooth. If you have a lot of apps, remember to take screen shots
    before updating. All your downloaded apps will be in the application screen ONLY, you’ll have to
    put them back on your home screen.

  • rbell

    i got jelly bean friday night via samsung kies and everything went smooth and im loving the new os thanks

  • Mark

    I just got it on Rogers yesterday (S2 LTE) … what a vast improvement. Like a brand new phone.