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Android N Is Referred To As New York Cheesecake Internally

New York CheesecakeNew York CheesecakeNew York Cheesecake

The Android N Preview has been out and about for nearly a week now and while the preview has given us a good look at what Android N will bring, we still don’t have an official name.  We likely won’t know the name till the official release but we at least know what N is stands for internally now.

Just like how other versions of Android had internal names that differed from the official name (KitKat was Key Lime Pie, Lollipop was Lemon Meringue Pie, Marshmallow was Macadamia Nut Cookie),  N has its own internal name and that name is New York Cheesecake.  So what does this tell us about the official name for N?  Well nothing really as history has shown us that the internal name has nothing to do with the official name.

One thing we can say pretty definitively is that the official name WON’T be New York Cheesecake.  What do you guys think N should be?

[Android Police]

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