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4.2.1 Rolling Out (for Nexus 4, 7, 10)

Yes, Virginia, there is a December.

Looks like the geniuses at Google (oh.. did Apple patent genius?) have been able to keep their word and have a fix for the “No December” situation that was in 4.2.

I really didn’t want to call attention to it being missing myself, as I knew there’d be a fix, and it wouldn’t be too hard to fix.  I hate spreading the ‘bad news’; especially when it’ll be a short term issue.  (you know how many ‘Christmas is cancelled by Google’ articles I’ve seen?)

Then the Googlers acknowledged it, and promised a fix before the stated month came around.

Well, it looks like today’s the day.  With 3 days to spare.  Folks over at XDA are starting see the update OTA.

As with any OTA update, your mileage may vary, and it may take time to roll out to you in particular.  Looks like there may be an image you can flash yourself, or like with some OTA updates you can try the ol’ trick of clearing cache and check-in (this won’t work on the tablets mind you):

  • go into system settings / manage apps / all
  • find google services framework / click clear cache
  • go to your dialer
  • punch in “*#*#2492546#*#*” (i.e. ‘c h e c k i n’)
  • wait a few
  • your phone will say “checked in completed”
  • go check for a system update again

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