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3G Enabled Galaxy Tab 8.9 Getting ICS Finally

For some reason I thought all the Galaxy Tabs had already gotten their ICS fix but I guess I was wrong.  Apparently Samsung has just begun to roll out the ICS update for the 3G enabled Galaxy Tab 8.9.  The roll out seems to be coming OTA but you could also check through Kies as well.    The update is apparently rolling out in Austria currently but other countries should be following suit fairly soon.

Now the question will become when will it get Jelly Bean?  Chances are that it won’t get an official build of Jelly Bean.  My guess is that the first generation of Tabs are going to get left at ICS.  I could be wrong but that’s my best guess.

However, ICS will greatly enhance the user experience with the Tab.  You’ll definitely get a much more fluid experience overall which should help prolong the life span of your tablet.  Let us know if any of you get this update OTA or through Kies