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Samsung Could Release Galaxy S8 Earlier Because Of Note 7 Recall


Samsung is in quite a pickle after the mandatory Note 7 recall and reports of the phone exploding. It would make sense for a company of this size to try and recoup both the financial and PR damage from this by releasing the next generation of their flagship smartphone a bit earlier.

And it looks like that may actually end up happening according to the Korean Herald’s sources. Analysts tell them that the Galaxy S8 is considered being launched earlier to prevent more profit losses for the mobile division of the company. Analyst Kim Sang-pyo states “…Regardless of the sales resumption, an earlier launch of a new quality flagship model seems to be the most realistic solution to dealing with the current recall crisis…”

Galaxy S8

They are also reporting that Samsung is still securing its curved edge AMOLED displays for use with the Galaxy S8 as previous reports and rumours suggested the company will ditch the flat version entirely.

[The Korean Herald]

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