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Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy S8 Could Sport A VR-Ready 4K Display


Samsung is widely expected to release their next flagship smartphone lineup sometime next year so that must mean the company is actively working on the phone.

However, that can also lead to some leaks, reports and rumours about the upcoming product line. One of them being the display. Samsung’s Galaxy S and Note lineup have recently been receiving a lot of praise regarding the Super AMOLED display in terms of colour reproduction, accuracy and overall energy efficiency.

Now according to SlashGear, they have received a tip from an insider saying Samsung will move on from QHD displays and will opt for a 4K UHD display for the Galaxy S8. This is quite a substantial move as this will be Samsung’s first 4K smartphone. Sony has already released its 4K smartphone, the Xperia Z5 Premium but it wasn’t 4K all the time as it downscaled the resolution to improve battery life and performance.

The phone is also rumoured to be fully VR ready, which hopefully means compliant with Google’s Daydream VR standard.

I can guarantee we’ll be hearing more about the Galaxy S8 in the coming weeks and months ahead.


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