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Wine For Android – Run Your Windows Applications On Your Android Device

The development of apps for Android just never stops.  Not only do we get treated to some awesome applications and games, but there are several developers constantly working at bringing the more traditional computer experience to the mobile realm.  The majority of the time that means bringing some version of Linux onto an Android device.  However, sometimes that means bringing Windows onto Android, and that’s exactly what Wine for Android is all about.

Alexandre Julliard is the original developer of this project and originally the focus was on bringing the ability to run Windows applications on Linux and Apple OS X.  However, it has since expanded to include Android as well which is great news for us.

During a recent presentation they briefly showed Wine for Android in action.  Performance was characterized as “horrendously slow,” however, they were running Wine on an Android emulator rather than an actual device so that likely would have played a huge role in the slowness.

I haven’t been able to find any actual demo video or anything else right now and the app is likely a ways off still.  Nevertheless, it’s exciting to think that we could run Windows applications on Android devices in the future.

What are your guys’ thoughts about this new app?