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Widget Review : Calendar GOWidget

I think Go Launcher Ex is the best Android launcher out there. I like it for its looks (including the fancy folders) and its functionality (the app drawer is highly customizable and has a App Killer fuction). But the best thing about this launcher remains, in my opinion, its widgets. It comes with a large array of clean and useful widgets. My favorite one is, you guessed correctly, the Calendar widget.

Now there isn’t a ton to say about this widget. It looks fantastic, works great with the stock Calendar app, and gives you a quick access to all the basic functions (add an event, refresh, show a list of upcoming events). It also does something really cool : you can flip the calendar pages like an actual calendar, right from your home page.

So there it is. Get GO Launcher Ex if you haven’t done it already, download the Calendar app and browse through all the other apps/widgets in the GOStore, and let me know which one you like the best!



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  • Anonymous

    can you get just the widget without the launcher [really like launcher pro]

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, I don’t think you can. The GOStore only comes with GO Launcher Ex. You should try it out though, and keep Launcher Pro in case you want to switch back!